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Ahmed Shawki Museum
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Opened on 17 June 1977, this museum pays a fine tribute to the great poet Ahmed Shawki, voted the Emir (the prince) of the Arab Poem. It is known to be a place where objects of antique and historical nature are displayed. However, the modern concept of a museum has been developed so as to reflect, as well, all aspects of modern and contemporary life. The museum features the poet's bedroom, study, and his extensive library. Of particular note are the 713 poem manuscripts. The museum's collection also includes medals, awards and gifts awarded to the poet in acknowledgment of his great achievements.
The museum is now envisaged as a center of comprehensive and extensive cultural dissemination that aims at cultivating man's feelings and stimulating creativity in all fields. A museum can, therefore, be a melting pot, providing a tasteful and pleasant cultural mix, that reflects the unity and integrity of arts. Poet - Laureate Ahmed shawki's Museum, originally named by the poet " Karmat Ibn Hani'e ( Ibn Hani'e's vineyard), was the first of a series of museums to be yet renovated. 
Visitors first scene is a great sculpture made by sculptor Gamal El-Sigeni as he conceived Shawki while busy in a moment for meditation. This sculpture, however, is deemed to be a duplication of the sculpture, also inspired by El-Sigeni, laid on the garden were the Egyptian Academy in Rome is, having Egypt has the first Ahmed Shawki sculpture in the garden of the celebrated people square in Rome. The museum harboures also two other sculptures for Ahmed Shawki.

As for inside museum, the bedroom of Ahmed Shawki, private reception area, his office room and his wife's bedroom, in addition to the suite in which Mohamed Abdul-Wahab lived, are exhibited. There are also cluster of pictures showing his family, friends, relatives and some pictures for distinguished figures such as Saad Zaghloul and Mohamed Abdul-Wahab.

Mrs Neama Al-Reyad has dedicated a group of her mother's paintings, the artist Khadiga Reyad, the poet's grandchild, to the museum on the 50th commemoration of Shawki departure. New museum, however, was added; a 335-book library, belonging to Shawki is also exhibited along with drafts and nearly 713 papers wrote by him on poeticalness.

The museum, moreover, has vast room of decorations, medals and presents he was awarded.