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Marine Biology Museum, Hurghad
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Marine Museum biology a few miles north of Hurghada .It is not only a marine biology station but also contains a small aquarium with lots of colorful fishes. Marine Biology Museum, Hurghada is an attractive tourist location. The museum is famous among the tourists for its wide ranging collections marine flora and fauna in the Red Sea. The famous Red Sea is the home of a variety of marine lives. You can find a collection of these plants and animal species at the Marine Biology Museum in Hurghada. The museum also showcases these collections for the public to sea.

The Marine Biology Museum, Hurghada, is a showcase of the colorful underwater life of the Red Sea. It offers a look at the marine life of the Red Sea and gives you chance to wonder at the variety and wide spectrum of color.
The Marine Biology Museum, Hurghada also has a small aquarium, which tries to duplicate the life of the underwater creatures to some extent. The museum is located to the north of the main city of Hurghada.

The Marine Biology Museum, Hurghada is one of the interesting Hurghada Tourist Attractions.It is the best place for those tourists and students who are interested in studying the wildlife and the underwater life of the Red Sea. The museum is a good collection of marine water plants and animals. Thus it also gives good insight into the corals and rock formations under the water in the Red Sea. This is also a depiction of the history of the formation of the Red Sea.

The Marine Biology Museum, Hurghada is one a stop place for those interested in studying the marine biology of the Red Sea. The museum adds even more color to the life of the people of the Egyptian city. The tourists have the opportunity to get a look at the colorful life of the flora and fauna of underwater world. You will also get a chance to know a little more about the origin and development of the marine life in Red Sea.

The Marine Biology Museum, Hurghada also gives a chance to witness the coral reef of the Red Sea. Almost every type of Red Sea creature can be seen inside the Marine Biology Museum, Hurghada. It is very interesting to study things that are new and unknown to us. In order to view the marine flora and fauna of the Red Sea you need nit go anywhere else. You can spot some of your favorite sea fishes at the Marine Biology Museum, Hurghada and that too at a close distance. It is nothing less than experiencing scuba diving and underwater diving. The museum beholds almost all kinds of fishes and other animals under the deep waters of the Red Sea. The Marine Biology Museum, Hurghada with the marine lives are associated with the Egyptian way of life. Surrounded by sea and the coast of the Nile, the whole of Egypt houses rich and diverse flora and fauna, most of it being water plants and animals.

The freedom, the fascination and the color, all that is the trademark of the Red Sea, can be found in the Marine Biology Museum, Hurghada. You will be able to see creatures like turtle and sharks in the museum also. This has been the paradise for sea lovers, the Red Sea and its world. Though it is impossible to duplicate the natural beauty of the sea in the museum, still for those unable to enjoy the underwater world in reality, the museum is a treat to the eyes and spirit.