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Mukhtar Museum, Cairo
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The Mukhtar Museum was built to house the sculptures of Mahmud Mukhtar who is considered to be one of the greatest Egyptian sculptures. The building was designed by Ramesses Wissa Wassef and houses eighty-five bronze, stone, basalt, marble, granite and plaster works. One building contains a Planetarium, the Gezira Museum and the Museum of Egyptian Civilization. The Gezira Museum contains objects that were collected by the royal family.

Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum is one of the artistic museums group in Egypt . The museum shows artistic works of sculptor Mahmoud Mukhtar (1891-1934) who is the best sculptor in Egypt history. He sculpted several nationalistic monuments which have a great famous in the world.

Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum located near to the Nile in Cairo . It is also opened next to Cairo Sporting Club (in front of Cairo Opera House ), and faces Planetarium, the Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum consists of two storeys. The Museum shows the greatest sculptures of Mahmoud Mukhtar such as Sadness statue, Alkhmasin, Saad Zaghluol Statue, Saad Zaghluol head, Egypt’s Nahda, To the River, Return from the River, Monagah, Cataract daughter, To Beloved, Secrets Keeper, Beloved Murmuring…ect.

Museum and Mausaleum of the father of Egyptian modern sculpture - Mahmoud Mukhtar. A selection of his work in stone and relief panels, exhibited along with other items from the artist's life. The museum, where his sculptures were neglected for years, was finally restored and reopened to the public in October 2003. He also lies buried here in a small crypt.

Mukhtar is considered by many to be the natural descendant of the great ancient sculptors who created the Temples of Karnak and Luxor and other timeless colossal treasures. The best example is “ Egypt’s Nahda “ ,which rises majestically in front of Cairo University and his statue of nationalist leader Saad Zaghloul, which overlooks the square of al- Raml Station in Alexandria .

Mukhtar’s fame rests on the fact that he successfully devoted his artistic talent to create a hybrid between ancient Egyptian heritage and Europe’s.