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Peter Langford, from United Kingdom
Hello Dina, We had a wonderful holiday. The Nile cruise was excellent, albeit on the M/S Concerto which I gather was an upgrade from the M/S Princess Sarah. We were also very happy with our guide, Wael, who did an excellent job... more
Dr. P.G. Kirkpatrick, from Canada
Dear Dina, How wonderful to hear from you. We arrived safe and sound to a SNOW STORM if you can believe it and so we were very much wondering why we had left your beautiful country. The trip itself was long as we had to wait seven hours in Amsterdam airport... more
Denise Onn, from Australia
Hi Dina, We are well, thank you! We thought the tour was very well organised - both our tour guides were very good. We felt very well looked after. On our last day in Luxor, we had to check out in the morning and then do the tour... more
LuLu / LK TRAVEL, from Australia
Hi Sam, Sorry I just replied now, cuz I have been very busy. I would like to thank you for the great time we had in Egypt, your tour guides were fantastic especially the one in Aswan and Luxor. Everybody was very happy and I am trying to form a group in February... more
Safa Adhami, from Australia
Dear Dian, Trust this mail will find you well, we have arrived to Australia today the 10th of March 2010 we enjoyed our tour and was great to deal with you... more
Peter Coslett, from USA
Hi Dina, we are now back home and really enjoyed our trip, from our schedule with Travel Centuries, I would rate from best to least as follows,... more
NMI group, from Holland
Dear Dina, Thank you for your letter. We have had a wonderful time in Egypt. Thanks to your efforts we have enjoyed it very much. This morning we have analysed the trip with the whole NMI-team. I like to share the response of the team with you... more
İnanç Kutluer, from Holland
Dear Dina, As addition I would like to say that our trip to Luxor was also perfect. Hotel and the guide was very good and made the trip enjoyable. Only carrying some amount of money all the time was less pleasant... more
Keith & Malinda Ricketts, from Australia
Dear Dina, Thank you so much for organising such an excellent itinerary for our recent visit to Egypt. Our private tour of Giza and Saqqara with our private guide Abee was just amazing, Abee was very knowledgeable and provided us with a day we will not forget... more
Luciano Telesca, from Italy
Hello Dina, i thank you for the interest and for the trip to the Pyramides. It was wonderful to have the opportunity of visiting the Pyramides and the Sphynx. I'm happy to have choosen your company for doing it, your advices and explanation were of great help to understand the past of this incredible place... more
Adele Florendo, from USA
Hi Dina, The trip was good. The only things that were negative I guess, were the wait between the arrival of our flight and the pickup going to the harbor (as it was about 2+ hours and there was nothing to do there)... more
Joanne Vella, from Malta
Dear Dina, We arrived home safely. Our Trip to Egypt was amazing. We were given a lot of information and although we were tired and it was very hot the guide was very patient with us. The lunch at the restaurant after Pyramids Tour was good and the hotel was brilliant... more
Willard Benedict, from USA
Our Egypt holiday was really a memorable one, thanks to you and our great tour guides, Mr. Sam and Mr. Mahmoud. They were very knowlegable and we learned much from them about Egypt and it's history, customs, and culture. We were very happy about how the day was planned... more
Mark Bowman, from Great Britain
Sorry I haven't replied sooner. Our trip was excellent, thankyou. The bus was very comfotable and lots of space as there was only the two of us. The guide useful and friendly and the driver very good aswell... more
Eirin Bjerkset, from Norway
We had a great time in Egypt! Our guide from travel centuries was great and we hope to visit Egypt again some time. Thank you very much for all your help... more
Erik's Adventures group
Hi Sam, Great to hear from you! How are things going? I enjoyed working with you and I thought you did a great job in getting everything organized. You also had a great Local guide in Mohamed and my clients really enjoyed themselves on their trip to Egypt. I liked doing the trip in.. more
Crystal darracy
hi Sam how are you we had a great time on the trip our guides were really great and they know a lot of information. we really enjoyed the pyramids and sphinx and the cairo museum the light and sound show was great. luxor and aswan was beautiful the only thing i did.. more