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Willard Benedict, from USA

Dear Dina,

Thank you for your kind follow up letters and interest in our opinion of
the tour!  So sorry to take so long in replying to you.

Our Egypt holiday was really a memorable one, thanks to you and our great
tour guides, Mr. Sam and Mr. Mahmoud.  They were very knowlegable and we
learned much from them about Egypt and it's history, customs, and culture.
 We were very happy about how the day was planned.  Also, we were
surprised that the lunch was included and were very happy to get a great
meal at TGI Friday's on the river.  That was a nice break.  We're not sure
what we ate that didn't agree with us, but unfortunately the next day
myself and my wife were both very sick with a stomach virus and had to
stay in the hotel room most of the day.  It continued for several more
days but not as bad as the first day.  I know this cannot be helped...we
probably were just not accustomed to the different water or food.

I would rate the tour "first class" and will recommend you to my friends
and coworkers!  Since I have been back I've had many questions about my
experiences there and many people are interested in going to Egypt!  I
work at Delta Air Lines, so as you know we can travel "free" on a standby
status.  So many of my coworkers are interested in going and I will
defintely refer them to your company.

May I make a few recommendations to you though?  If possible, it would be
very convenient if payment for the tour could be made by credit card.  I
know many of my friends do not like to carry much cash.  Also, if possible
since many people are not used to the desert heat of Egypt, it would be
great if there was a cooler with bottled water and soft drinks in it for
drinking throughout the day.  We would have even been willing to pay for
them as it would have been more convenient than buying them from the
vendors at each place we stopped.

Thank you so much for organizing the tour for us.  My family and I have
great memories of our trip and were able to get great photos also.  We
will definitely contact you in the future if we make another trip to

Sincere thanks,

Willard Benedict