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Joanne Vella, from Malta
Dear Dina,
We arrived home safely.  Our Trip to Egypt was amazing.  We were given a lot of information and although we were tired and it was very hot the guide was very patient with us.  The lunch at the restaurant after  Pyramids Tour was good and the hotel was brilliant.  Sam really took care of everything and I was so releaved ( he even took time to confirm our flights back home).   Everybody enjoyed the visit at the place where Papyrus is made and I must congratulate the company for the good discounts cause it gave us the opportunity to have our own papyrus. 
Because of the limited time and because we were also tired we didn't see the city or go around town so if in the future I decide to do that I know who to contact.  Dina thank you so much for everything and you are in my recommendation list if anyone of my friends wants to visit your country.
Once again I thank you.
Yours faithfully