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Mosques In Egypt
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Egypt Mosques are considered as important tourists attractions of the country and there are many of them in the city of Cairo. The mosques of Egypt have been built differently depending on the person under whom the mosques were built.
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Amr Ebn EL As Mosque ( 21 A.H. / 641 A.D. )
Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-As is the first mosque built in Egypt and Africa & the fourth since the establishment of the Islamic state. it was constructed by Amr Ibn Al-As in 642 AD. Amr was the Arab general who conquest Egypt to fight against the Roman and He was hailed by the Copts as a liberator. more
Al Aqmar Mosque ( 519 A.H. / 1125 A.D. )
The Fatimid caliph Al- Amir Bi ahkam allah has built the mosque in 519 A.H. The total area of the mosque is about 780 meters sq. ( 37 m X 21 m ), the plan consists of small courtyard with an ablutary that was cancelled later for lack of space & was replaced by another one ordered by Yalbugha al – salami. more
AL Azhar Mosque ( 359-361AH/970-972AD )
Al-Azhar Mosque established in 972 (361 H) in a porticoed style shortly after the founding of Cairo itself, was originally designed by the Fatimid general Jawhar El-Sequili (Gawhara Qunqubay, Gawhar al-Sakkaly) and built on the orders of Caliph Muezz Li-Din Allah. more
Ibn Tulun Mosque ( 876 AD – 879 AD / 263 A.H. – 265 A.H. )
The mosque that he had built over a period of three years ( 876 AD – 879 AD ) of mudbrick became the focal point of the Tulunid capital that lasted only 26 years. It was the third congregational mosque to be built in Egypt. Analyzing the plan of the mosque we find that the plan was rectangular in shape but almost became square after the additions were made. more
Al Hakim Bi Amr Allah Mosque ( 990 A.D./ 380.A.H )
The al-Hakim Mosque is a major Islamic religious site in Cairo, Egypt. It is located in "Islamic Cairo", on the east side of Muizz Street, just south of Bab Al-Futuh (the northern gate). It is named after Al-Hakim Bi Amr Allah (985-1021), the sixth Fatimid caliph and the first to be born in Egypt. more
Al Salih Talai Mosque ( 555 A.H. / 1160 A.D. )
The mosque was found by al-malik Al Salih Talai ebn Ruzzik in 555 A.H. / 1160 A.D. it’s located outside Bab-Zuwala, & was intended to be as the burial place for the head of AL – Hussian the grand son of prophet Mohamed when the mashhad in Askalon was feared to be destroyed by attacks of the crusaders. more