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Experience sightseeing tours and day trips in Egypt, here you can find a selection of Egypt sightseeing tours, Egypt land tours, Egypt tours, Egypt trips, Egypt guided tours, Quick trips, City tours, Overday tours, Sightseeing packages, Cairo tours, Abu Simbel tours, Alexandria tours, Luxor tours, Aswan tours & Nile felucca, Sightseeing tours in Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor, Abu Simbel, Dendera & Abydos, Edfo & Kom Ombo and more . . .

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Cairo Sightseeing Tours & Excursions
Travel Centuries Egypt offers Cairo excursions, Cairo tours, daily trips, Cairo sightseeing, Cairo guided tours, Cairo holidays, Cairo private tours, Cairo private transfers, and tours out Cairo. Cairo offers an incredible selection of shopping, leisure, culture and nightlife. It is a city that often mixes the many cultures of the world with the many ages of the world and it's history beguiles with intrigue, weaving gossamer webs of time and events that effect us even today.It is the sprawling city of operas and pyramids, glass towers and medieval tunnels, ancient churches. So , those who never visit Cairo, will never know the world... more
Luxor Sightseeing Tours & Excursions
Travel Centuries Egypt offers Luxor excursions, Luxor tours, daily trips, Luxor sightseeing, Luxor guided tours, Luxor holidays, Luxor private tours, Luxor private transfers, and tours out Luxor. Luxor is considered the greatest outdoor museum in the world , it contains nearly one third of the world's antiquities. There is hardly a place in luxor which has not a relic that reflects the greatness of the ancient Egyptians and their civilization that dates to seven thousands years ago.The city of the living on the east bank where sunrise is the source of life and growth, and the city of the Dead on the west bank where sunset symbolizes the eclipse of life... more
Aswan Sightseeing Tours & Excursions
Travel Centuries Egypt offers Aswan excursions, Aswan tours, daily trips, Aswan sightseeing, Aswan guided tours, Aswan holidays, Aswan private tours, Aswan private transfers, and tours out Aswan. Aswan, Egypt's sunniest southern city and ancient frontier town , its ancient Egyptian name was Syene. Small enough to walk around and graced with the most beautiful setting on the Nile, the pace of life is slow and relaxing.The Nile is at its most beautiful, flowing through amber desert and granite rocks, round emerald islands covered in palm groves and tropical plants. Explore the souk, full of the scent and color of spices, perfumes, scarves and baskets... more
Abu Simbel Sightseeing Tours & Excursions
Travel Centuries Egypt offers Abu Simbel excursions, Abu Simbel tours, daily trips, Abu Simbel sightseeing, Abu Simbel guided tours, Abu Simbel holidays, Abu Simbel private tours, Abu Simbel private transfers, and tours out Abu Simbel. The Great Temple at Abu Simbel took about twenty years to build, and was completed around year 24 of the reign of Rameses the Great (which corresponds to 1265 BCE). It was dedicated to the gods Amun, Ra-Horakhty, and Ptah, as well as to the deified Rameses himself. It is generally considered the grandest of the temples commissioned during the reign of Rameses II, and one of the most beautiful in Egypt... more
Sharm El Sheikh Sightseeing Tours & Excursions
Travel Centuries Egypt offers Sharm El Sheikh excursions, Sharm El Sheikh tours, daily trips, Sharm El Sheikh sightseeing, Sharm El Sheikh guided tours, Sharm El Sheikh holidays, Sharm El Sheikh private tours, Sharm El Sheikh private transfers, and tours out Sharm El Sheikh. Sharm el Sheikh the city of finest and exotic beach resorts in Egypt is located on the southern tip of Sinai Peninsula nestled between the Red Sea and Mount Sinai. Enjoy best experience in Sharm El Sheikh and unforgotten tours and excursions, there various water activities like diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, Para-sailing and many more during your visit to Sharm El Sheikh... more