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Sea, Sand, Sun Tours
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Egypt offers a very different type of tourist experience as there's more to Egypt than 'just' its history , resorts on its coasts take advantage of its warm sunny climate.
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Sea, Sand & Sun Trip ( 07 Days / 06 Nights )
Egypt receive considerable attention, but there are many more that deserve some attention. Enjoy a wonderful trip to the main attracrions in Cairo then to Sharm El Sheikh as one may choose to relax on the wondrous Egypt coasts to enjoy the simplicity of sea, sun and sand. more
Sun and Leisure Tour ( 07 Days / 06 Nights )
Egypt presents the visitor with many striking contrasts, particularly in its landscape. Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most accessible and developed tourist resort communities on the Sinai peninsula. All around are Bedouins, colorful tents, mountains and sea. more
Sunny Egypt Vacation ( 09 Days / 08 Nights )
Egypt has a landscape which is surprisingly varide and In this trip, with diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and other water sports, horses and camel riding, desert safaris, and great nearby antiquities attractions, it is almost impossible to ever suffer from boredom. more