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Our comprehensive cities feature provides in-depth Egypt tourism information on cities or towns and their specific attractions.

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Cairo, Egypt
Cairo the capital city of Egypt lies on the banks of Nile River in northern part of Egypt. Officially known by the name of Al-Qahirah, Cairo is the most populous metropolitan city in African continent. Officially founded in AD 969 Al-Qahirah or Cairo was earlier known by the name of Al- Fustat... more
Alexandria, Egypt
Alexandria is the shining pearl of the Mediterranean, and the beacon radiating its culture and heritage to the world at large. Alexandria was found by Alexander the Great in 332 BC, was the largest city and main port of Egypt... more
Abu Simbel, Egypt
Abu Simbel is now gaining acceptance almost in all the major tourist portals in the world. Now, being in Egypt is not only being under the hot and scorching sun but is also witnessing the unfrequented parts of this mystic civilization... more
Aswan, Egypt
Aswan seems to close the doors on the Middle East and to open those on Africa. Swirling and flowing strongly, the Nile snakes its way between islands and black rocks which disturb its stately majesty, and challenges the high dunes of golden sand to bury it once and for all... more
Luxor, Egypt
Luxor, Egypt is located in Upper Egypt, and is the site of the ancient city of Thebes. As a site with so much history, it has a number of historic areas that are very popular tourist destinations. Luxor to the modern world is famous as the greatest open air museum... more
Hurghada, Egypt
Hurghada, Egypt, Al Ghardaqa in Arabic, is a wonderful resort for all kinds of Water sports, lies on the shores of the Red Sea. Hurghada is located south of Suez 395 km from Cairo. Since the 1980s Hurghada has grown from a small fishing village to an internationally renowned resort... more