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Denise Onn, from Australia

Hi Dina,

We are well, thank you!

We thought the tour was very well organised - both our tour guides were very good.  We felt very well looked after. On our last day in Luxor, we had to check out in the morning and then do the tour. When we finished the tour, we still had 6 hours before our train departed for Cairo. Our tour guide, Mahmoud arranged a cabin for us to take our showers before we get on the train. This was very thoughtful and we really appreciated it.

My suggestion would be to offer tours which includes tips in the price (I know tips are optional because if the guide/driver is not good, then you can give less tips or no tips but we actually felt pressured to give tips to everyone, whether they were good or not). If the tour price included tips, then at least we don't have to worry about it during our trip.

I enjoyed being on the cruise and watching life on the Nile river the most. We thought the scenery was very nice and it was very relaxing.

Other tips I would give other travellers would be to watch out for Egyptians at the tourist sights. e.g. they will ask if you want them to take a photo of you, if you let them, then they ask for money. Also, if they point and tell you about something, they want money.

Thank you very much for organising this trip!