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Dr. P.G. Kirkpatrick, from Canada

Dear Dina,

How wonderful to hear from you. We arrived safe and sound to a SNOW STORM if you can believe it and so we were very much wondering why we had left your beautiful country. The trip itself was long as we had to wait seven hours in Amsterdam airport for our connecting flight  but I am still glad that we decided to stay the extra days and not change our plane tickets once that other country had refused us a visa.

I left with Samer the evaluation sheets (perhaps he is unaware that that are at the back of the papers I handed to him and which Gamal took) and we spoke with him. The only glich in the trip  was the way in which we were met both at the airport and at the train station in Aswan. My only suggestion re the airport was to change your instructions to people if indeed it is the case that the people who meet at the airport cannot greet the client before passport control, which was the case with us at Cairo.
The only other problem was the hygiene at the Daniele village at Sinai. It was bad enough to keep us from eating there, although I must admit that after the climb I was famished and did have some coffee and processed cheese for breakfast.

Overall as I said to Samer the trip was ideal and in point of fact an absolute dream come true. I will forward  your e-mail to Mme Roques de Borda in case she has anything else to add.

I very much appreciated your coming to dinner last Friday. It was no doubt the last thing you probably wanted to do on a Friday evening but I so very much wanted to thank you for all tat you had done and do so in person.

I will keep in touch as the University initiative begins to unwind. Who knows we may see each other again sooner than we had thought.

With deep affection,

The Rev. Dr. P.G. Kirkpatrick
Professor Hebrew Bible / Old Testament Studies
Director of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Religious Studies
McGill University