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Hurghada, Egypt
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Hurghada, Egypt, Al Ghardaqa in Arabic, is a wonderful resort for all kinds of Water sports, lies on the shores of the Red Sea. Hurghada is located south of Suez 395 km from Cairo. Since the 1980s Hurghada has grown from a small fishing village to an internationally renowned resort town on the Red Sea coast of Egypt. Hurghada was first known as a small fishing village in the 1970th. In the 1980th, the city started to come out to light as a heading water sports resort extended on the Red Sea. So, investors  around the world began to pay attention to this area as a great opportunity of investing their money. And so, their thoughts came true and, indeed, Hurghada became one of the most impressive resorts in water sports around the world. Gradually, the investors started to build new facilities like Hotels, Resorts and Markets making Hurghada a magnificent resort meet the needs & satisfaction of all kinds of Customers they might deal with. The city has incredible beautiful coral reefs with groups of rare collection of coloured fish. Hurghada, Egypt, is the perfect choice for People who like pure crystal water, fantasic weather, besides relaxing & having a luxurious accommodation as well. 

Hurghada became an international center for aquatic sports like windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, swimming, and above all snorkeling and diving. The unique underwater gardens offshore are some of the finest in the world, justifiably famous amongst divers. Hurghada’s warm waters are ideal for many varieties of rare fish and coral reefs, which may also be observed through glass bottom boats. Hurghada central location provides favorable access to many well known diving sites. Hurghada is well known for its uninhabited islands and coral reefs.

Hurghada is the undisputed favourite resort among Egyptians and visitors from around the world who love sunshine, sea and diving. It seems a long time since Hurghada was nothing more than a small fishing village and modest shipyard ignored by the rest of the world, including the Egyptians. In fact, it is only in the last ten years that Hurghada has grown into a town of 35,000 inhabitants to become the most popular seaside resort in the country. Hurghada is the undisputed favourite resort among Egyptians and visitors from around the world who love sunshine, sea and diving. At least one hundred tourist developments of varying levels of luxury stretch for twenty kilometres along the coast. The town centre, known as the Ed-Dahar quarter, has preserved a certain traditional character with a small souk and cheap hotels. Few coral reefs are accessible by swimming from the shore and it is therefore worth paying for a day’s excursion out to sea. Various clubs offer this type of trip and among the most prized destinations are the Giftun Islands. The islands are a conservation area and access is restricted. Rubbish and wastewater are collected by specially equipped boats. The huge advantage of the Red Sea is that visitors can enjoy the beauty of the marine world equipped with nothing more than a mask, snorkel and flippers. The spectacle is of course even more impressive when wearing a tank and weight belt.

Hurghada Districts & Places

El Dahar
the old part of Hurghada town, has a traditional Egyptian bazaar with a variety of shops selling tourist souvenirs. The post office and the long-distance bus station are situated. El Dahar has more than half of the total local population and is the closest to be defined as town, and has the best value for money hotels and restaurants.

Half a mile away on the south, comes Sigala, a place between Ad-Dahar and New Hurghada a few miles closer to the south. Sekalla is the modern part where you can find some modest and some restaurants, but relatively few tourists.

New Hughada ( or ) El Korra Road
It is where total tourism comes alive, offering every amenity a visitor is looking for. This has a lovely walkway with shops, cafes, bowling centre and and a shopping Mall still getting filled with shops .

El Gouna
located 25 km south of Hurghada, sometimes known as Egypt’s Venice consists of several islands connected with bridges and has many luxuries hotels in its vicinity. El Gouna is a holiday oasis with something for everyone. It’s Nubian village style, artificial lagoons and numerous hotels catering to all budgets make it the perfect holiday destination. Shuttle boats are used for transfer between many of the hotels. Charming outdoor cafes, bars, restaurants and shopping arcades are complemented by a laid back atmosphere and temperate weather all year round. In addition to offering the full complement of water sports, boat excursions to nearby islands will help you forget all your worries. For golf afficionados, the main attraction will be the Golf Place designed by the American Golf architect Gene Bates with 18 holes – Par 72. The Golf Place is located near the Steigenberger Golf Resort with USPGA standards and with a length of 4929 yards (green tee off) to 6862 yards (gold tee off). The transfer from El Gouna to the Hurghada Airport takes approx. 45 minutes.

Sharm El Naga
located 40 km south of Hurghada and contains the most beautiful reef cliff in the region.

A camping site of the Gifftun Island 45 minutes from Hurghada by boat .

Soma Bay
Located 45 km south of Hurghada is an upscale holiday resort with various luxuries hotels including Hyatt Regency, Inter-Continental, Robinson Club and Sheraton. Soma Bay, ideally located between desert and sea, on a beautiful promontory jutting out to the azure water, offers a nice choice of water land activities for those who like to mix a beach and diving holiday with some fun on land. Soma Bay is also famous for its outstanding PGA golf course ranked among the best ten in the world. The course offers also courses for beginners, and the welcoming club house offers golf-related shopping and a relaxing atmosphere for friends and family.

Sahl Hasheesh
A tourist resort situated 20 km from Hurghada airport.

Makadi Bay
is a beach located 35 km from Hurghada. It is well known for scuba diving and snorkeling. Makadi Bay recently became one of the most popular beach holiday destinations in the Red Sea Riviera. With a long sandy beach and good 4 and 5* hotels and a proximity to the city of Hurghada, Makadi Bay offers fine snorkeling and scuba diving, day excursions to the ancient town of Luxor along the Nile river and all the fun of nearby Hurghada.

Hurghada History
Travel to Hurghada, which is a beautiful Egyptian city based on the Red Sea. The Hurghada city came into existence during the early 20th century, and from the year 1980s the city emerged as a leading swimming resort along the Red Sea invested hugely by the American, European and Arabs. It is a wonderful destination for sail boarders, yachtsmen, scuba divers and snorkel enthusiast. As far as the History of Hurghada relates it was once known as a small fisher village in the late 1970's, rarely visited by strangers. As the area has enough reserves of transparent water that served as a pedestal for divers who indulged in water recreation.

Of late, Hurghada was determined as a place for pleasure tourism. Until the 1970s Hurghada was just a tiny obscure fishing village. Even with the discovery of oil in 1913 it was not visited by anybody from outside of the local area except by a few adventurous backpackers. However, once tourists discovered the clear blue water and great opportunities for diving, Hurghada quickly grew into a major tourist destination.  Hurghada attracted several travelers from round the world be it Egyptians, Saudis, Arabs, Europeans and Americans. Hurghada is engulfed by a town named Ad-Dahar towards its the northern end while Sigala is settled within its southern end. As far as Hurghada History is concerned, it is filled with about 40,000 inhabitants and is segregated into three main parts namely: Downtown (El Dahar) is the old section; Sekalla is the contemporary section while El Korra Road is the recent part.

Hurghada has been acclaimed as an international center for hosting marine sports like windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, swimming, along with snorkeling and diving. The temperate waters are a home to species of rare fish along with coral reefs that can be well seen, while traveling in a glass bottom boat. Hurghada is popularly claimed as a party town, which is filled with several casinos, nightclubs and discos. Giftun is the largest village and is close proximity of about 10 km from Hurghada. So travel to Hurghada and enlighten yourself about its ancient history and civilization that has been proudly preserved.

Today Hurghada developed into a world class tourist destination. It became a popular tourist resort receiving a stream of tourists from all over world all the year round. It stretches 20 km with beach hotels. Most of these hotels are laid out along one major road, and all a short transfer from the international airport, to which it's easy to find cheap flights.

Hurghada The Touristic City
Hurghada Tourism to the Egyptian province is worth undertaking, which is settled in the coastal region of the Red Sea. Hurghada city was instituted during the 20th century greatly invested by the American, European and Arabs who converted the destination to a leading swimming resort. Hurghada Tourism accounts for several travelers visiting this area from all over the world and thereby indulging in marine related sports or activities which includes windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, swimming, and above all snorkeling and diving. Holiday out to this wonderful destination, where Russians, Czechs and the Germans vacation frequently.

Hurghada is a destination for sail boarders, yachtsmen, scuba divers and snorklers who can adventure out to hearts content. Hurghada Tourism speaks about its effervescent nightlife, which is pulsating with several clubs and discos. Visit the Calypso and Papas Beach, the two major discos of the region where one can view the native belly dancing, Arabic and Nubian folklore, popular one being the "Alf Leila Wa Leila" ("One thousand and one nights"). Hurghada Tourism ensures you a smooth trip to Hurghada where one can glance through the tepid waters of the beaches floating with several aquatic species. The coral reefs that can be glimpsed through the glass bottom boats are worth appreciating.

Hurghada Tourism promises you with several tourist attractions like visiting the National Museum, remains of Roman Mons Porphyrites, Underwater Gardens, Marine Biology Museum, Mons Porphyrites or Mountain of Porphyry, Gebel Abu Dukhan (Father of Smoke), Red Sea Mountains, Aquarium at Ad-Dahar, Giftun Island and Red Sea Aquarium. Hurghada consist of two tourists destination namely Sekala and the Village Road, which boasts of several chains of hotels and restaurants. While opting for Hurghada Tourism catch up with delicacies starting from Indian to French, Japanese to Mexican, Italian to Dutch, Thai to Chinese at the local restaurants that are settled there. Catch up with several fast food centers in Hurghada that are Hard Rock Café, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC. From bar hopping to visiting the popular bowling centers, karaoke nights, beach BBQ's, trendy lounges; the place is vibrant in its own way.

Hurghada Sightseeing & Main Attractions
Sightseeing in Hurghada is Red, Red and Red everywhere! Don't worry, the red is not the colour of blood, it is the name of the Sea, which ahs made the city in Egypt so famous. The Red Sea has made Hurghada a popular tourist destination in Egypt. Sightseeing in Hurghada is all about seeing some of the most loveliest and colorful sights in the world, after all, what can be more entrancing than the beauty of nature! Witnessing the amazing marine life, with which the Red Sea is blessed, you will be awed at the creation of God. There cannot be a better way to spend time in the city of Hurghada, than to spend it in sightseeing these wonderful creations of God. Sightseeing in Hurghada can also mean experiencing the underwater life of the Red Sea. And how are you going to do that? Well, how about a ride in the submarine! You are bound to like this one. There is green and there is blue, wherever your eyes can reach. The Red Sea is the center of attraction of all the sightseeing tours in Hurghada, whether it is a museum or an aquarium, the creatures of the Red Sea find a place in all the important places in the city and the life of the people of Hurghada. Without these colorful fishes, the life of the people would have been very dull. Apart from that there would have been no adventure left in Sightseeing in Hurghada without Red Sea and its colorful creatures.

Monastery of St Paul
Located near Zafarana the St Paul Monastery consists of three churches and in one of them the remains of St Paul are buried. The churches are situated around the cave which St Paul used to worship God from for 85years. The Monastery is considered the first Christianity hermit for ascetic practices. There are a lot to see in this small monastery, wall paintings, symbols of resurrection, springs with running fresh water, and a fort which was used as a shelter from raids. Some important manuscripts are present in the Monastery.

Monastery of St. Anthony
St Anthony is considered the founder of monasticism in Christianity. The Monestary was built in memoration of him south the cave where St Anthony lead his ascetic life. Monks in the monastery can arrange overnight stay for the visitors where the main attractions are the colorful wall paintings which were recently restored and spans different historic periods. Valuable manuscripts are present in the monastery. The cave which is located 680 meters above sea level has some impressive writings and drawings and the view from top of the mountain provides fascinating views for Hurghada and the Red Sea.

Mons Porphyrites
Mons Porphyrites (Porphyry Mountain) was an important Roman quarry complex near Gebel Abu Dukhan (Father of Smoke Mountain) in the heart of the Eastern Desert. For over three centuries, from 29 AD to 335 AD, an exquisite purple rock found nowhere else in the world called Imperial Porphyry was extracted for the glory of Roman emperors . This purple stone, fine-grained and speckled with white crystals, was discovered by a Roman legionnaire named Caius Cominius Leugas in 18 AD. Its beauty soon made it a symbol of royalty and successive emperors claimed exclusive rights to it. Much of this gem-like rock ended up as pillars, basins, statues and sarcophagi in Rome and Istanbul .

Mons Claudianus
Mons Claudianus is at the foot of Jebel Fatira, located about 30 miles from Port Safaga just of the Qena road. This was a Roman Penal Colony of substance, where Quartzy diorite, a high quality granite, was mined as building materials for the Roman Empire. This black stone can still be seen in Rome in the portico of the Pantheon, in Hadrian's Villa, and public baths and in the columns and floor of the Temple of Venus. A temple begun by Hadrian but never finished is in ruins, but the staircase leading to it can still be seen. There is also a Roman camp, dwellings, workshops, stables and a dorms. The camp is surrounded by granite walls with rounded defense towers on the corners, to protect it from Bedouin attacks. There are hot springs today, which where used in a complex underground heating system for the sweating baths. The actual quarries are on the opposite side of the valley. There are fragments of granite, with several ruined artifacts such as a broken column and column slab.

Giftun Islands
A day trip to the Big and Small Giftun Island is necessary for those interested in discovering underwater attractions and marine life. A variety of marine species like whales, barracudas, sharks, fascinating coral reefs and canyons are located there. The area has turned to a protected marine park to preserve the marine life and prevent overexposure.

Anfish Mountain
Although the Anafish mountain cannot be seen from any place in Hurghada, once you reach its top you can have a magnificent view of the whole town of Hurghada and the mountains and deserts overlooking the Red Sea.


Hurghada Marine Biology Museum
For those interested in discovering underwater marine life without a need to dive, the Marine Biology Museum located north of Hurghada offers you a walkthrough underwater world. It displays a collection of coral reefs and Species located in the Red Sea. It is a marine biology station and also contains a small aquarium .

Red Sea Aquarium
The Aquarium, Hurghada opens the window to a whole new world of marine life in the Red Sea. The Red Sea is a treasure house of beautiful coral reef and a host of fishes and marine creatures. The Aquarium, Hurghada is situated to the north of the main hospital in the city, which is located at Ad-Dahar. The Aquarium, Hurghada remains open from 9 am in the morning till 11 pm at night. So, you have the whole day and the most of the evening to explore the Red Sea and the underwater world. Hurgdada is one of the most important places to visit in Egypt. The presence of the colorful Red Sea, with its treasure attracts the tourist like the bee is attracted towards the flower. The Aquarium, Hurghada is a good place to learn more about the marine life of the Red Sea. There are labels provided under each display. All the creatures have been given good introductions to aid the visitors. Visiting the The Aquarium, Hurghada has another advantage. If you are planning to go diving or snorkeling in the waters of the Red Sea, then a visit to the Aquarium is a must. This is because it will help you to identify the creatures you will encounter underwater. At least, you will be able to say a "HI!" to the fishes!

The real fun of snorkeling or diving is felt when you know what you are touching or what you are seeing. And the The Aquarium, Hurghada gives you the pleasure to know more about your fellow creatures living on earth. You can visit The Aquarium, Hurghada any day you want or any day, which is suitable to you because it remains open seven days a week. You will be able to avail the services of any public transportation to reach this place. as, this is a well-visited destination you will have no problems in finding it at all.

Hurghada National Museum
Covering an area of 22,000 square meter the Hurghada National Museum offers the visitors of the Red Sea coast antiquities that covers all Egyptian history from Pharoanic, Coptic and Islamic eras as well as those monuments discovered in the Eastern Desert and other submerged monuments. The building includes exhibition halls and studios for artists as well as spaces for performances.


Sailing in Hurghada
Hurghada, once fishermen's trading post, has now grown into one of the most favorite tourists destinations in Egypt. With several village-styles self-containing hotels providing facilities for water sports, Sailing in Hurghada could be easily availed. Hurghada is a paradise of the experienced water sport enthusiasts where you can get a yacht, a ferry boat, or a cruise ship for sailing in Hurghada very easily on hire. The peaceful beach resort of Hurghada with all the facilities of a modern town also reflects the tranquil desert atmosphere. Sailing in Hurghada would enthrall you with the beauty of the crystal blue water, colorful coral reefs, and exotic lagoons. You can pamper yourself by getting yourself baked under the blazing sun on the deck of the cruise or yacht, watch colored fish, or click loads of pictures. There are many interesting sailing trips offered in Hurghada.

Swimming in Hurghada
Hurghada today is one of the best gateways to the most popular swimming sites in red sea. You can even delve into the mouthwatering cuisines of Hurghada on the beach itself while swimming. Founded in the early 20th century, Hurghada remained as a small fishing village even few years back. Located on the coast of the red sea, today Hurghada is one of the major tourists' attraction and an international center for aquatic sports. From windsurfing to sailing, deep-sea fishing, swimming, snorkeling and diving Hurghada is showered with innumerous options for water activities. With some of the finest accommodation option offering exotic swimming pools and the beautiful Red Sea, swimming in Hurghada is a very common activity. One of the best and a very popular beach resort of the world, Hurghada is flooded by thousands of tourists, especially from Europe, to enjoy the various water activities here. Get soaked in the sun on the pristine beaches or swim in the cool water of the Red Sea; you would simply want to come back to this nature infested part of the world. Hurghada have numerous islands within its vicinity. 

Diving in Hurghada
With lovely beaches, Diving in Hurghada is just an exotic experience. Hurghada was a small fishing village even few years back. But today Hurghada has been successfully developed into a busy holiday resort. Easily accessible from Europe, and with endless adventurous water sports opportunities, Hurghada is crowded by tourists in every season. Serving as a gateway to the exotic reef, there are some of the best destinations offering diving in Hurghada. The best time to visit Hurghada is between June and September. The temperature remains warm and is favorable for diving.

Snorkeling in Hurghada
Snorkeling in Red Sea while you are at Hurghada is the best thing you can do. It gives you an opportunity to see the wealth of underwater life from a very closer view. Discovering the wondrous marine life under water would mesmerize you and will be simply an unforgettable experience for yourself. Red Sea has particularly favorable conditions for snorkeling making it very easy to experience this adventure in Hurghada. You can float almost effortlessly in the water due to the high sanity of the water. The best destinations for snorkeling in Hurghada are: Giftun Island National Park and Sharm el Naga Beach. The Giftun Island National Park with its pristine water and a very clean beach has a restaurant, bar, and toilets. You can go for snorkeling in the coral heads scattered in the shallow lagoons. You would easily find many hotels in Hurghada offering trip to this exotic island. The Sharm el Naga Beach on the other hand is located at a distance of 20 km to the south of Hurghada. With wonderful fringing reef corals are seen here in ample. You would find necessary equipment needed for snorkeling for rent here.

Windsurfing in Hurghada
Windsurfing in Hurghada has become one of the most popular sports in the entire Egypt. Thousands of people from various places of the world come to visit Hurghada and some of them come just to enjoy the experience of Windsurfing in Hurghada. Windsurfing in Hurghada is a very interesting recreational and adventurous activity for the visitors. When you become tired of visiting the historical places, National Parks and museums in the city of Hurghada, just relax and involve yourself in some of the recreational sports activities available in the city. Windsurfing in Hurghada is a wonderful experience. The weather, clear wind and the flat water of Hurghada are the reasons that Windsurfing can be enjoyed here throughout the year. The wind passes through the Red Sea and that is why the climate of Hurghada is so beautiful and suitable for Windsurfing. Hurghada is considered as one of the most popular Windsurfing destinations not only in Egypt but also in the world.

Desert Safaris in Hurghada
Due to its location, desert is easily accessible from Hurghada. It's in fact one of the busiest city to begin the Desert Safari from. Surrounded by colorful mountains and canyons, the desert safari in Hurghada is an exotic experience. The excursions may vary from half day to four to five days. If you wish to go for a longer trip, that can also be arranged on demand. The transport mode of the desert Safari in Hurghada may vary from horses, camels, quads, and vehicles.

Kite Flying in Hurghada
Hurghada is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt. While traveling to the beautiful city, you will get lots of places to visit such as historical places, museums, National Parks, temples and many other interesting places spread allover the city in Egypt. However, along with these tourist attractions in Hurghada, you will also get an exclusive chance to be involved in the various exciting recreational activities available in the city. One such adventurous and recreational activity is the Kite Flying in Hurghada. Kite flying has become nowadays one of the most popular activities in the entire world. That is why thousands of people from various corners of the world come to visit Hurghada and enjoys Kite Flying in Hurghada.

Hurghada Weather
Take a trip to Hurghada, which is a coastal harbor-city set along the native breaches and local ports. Hurghada is in Egyptian city, based on the Red Sea Coastal region. Catch up with the beautiful aquatic life of Hurghada, as the region comprises of world's warmest seas along with carrying a temperate climatic condition. Hurghada Weather is basically dry in nature, which is occasionally accompanied with sea breezes. The bigger the pressure, the smaller the sail size of the Hurghada waters.

As far as Hurghada weather is concerned, the winds gusts almost all round the year reaching to a level of 4-7Bft, with an unstable mode of direction. The Hurghada Weather is usually hot and dry during the daytime, while leading to a cool evening during the wintertime. The summer months are subjected to high-pressure almost every time with regular windy ambience. The mountains that are formed along the Red Sea streamlined with enough watercourses are enough to stimulate the wind in the region. The air temperature rises to about mid to upper nineties degree especially during the summer months. During the winters, the temperature ascends to about as low as 60-70 degree. The water temperature ranges from sixty-six degrees to eighty-six degrees.  As, Hurghada is an aquatic destination that facilitates outdoor recreation like swimming, windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling and diving. So as the aquatic sport of this region is subjected to Hurghada Weather, as with the fall in temperature, the sport enthusiast finds it difficult in indulge in the recreation. The temperature during the late fall to the early spring is comfortable for traveling and is best for vacationing that provide a favorable condition to travel to. Hurghada Weather is not subjected to rains are one would hardly come across any kind of showers. One should be very cautious about the dust storms that prevail from late spring to early summer. Travel to Hurghada and make sure about the best season to travel to this region while planning for your trip.

Getting There
The city of Hurghada in Egypt is well connected by air with not just the rest of the country, but also with all the other African nations and most of Europe. In fact, among all other modes of getting to Hurghada, the air route is the most viable, and hence most used. The Hurghada International Airport, is efficient and well equipped to handle all the air traffic that the city of Hurghada. Today, there are almost around 25 or more airline companies servicing travelers who are interested in getting to Hurghada by air. The bus option to reach Hurghada is also easy, with mini buses plying frequently to and from the city. Most of the bus services or any other public road transportation can be easily availed from all of Egypt's major towns and cities and take between 4 and 5 hours to reach Hurghada.

If you are planning a trip to Egypt you have probably scheduled some time in Hurghada, but with our specialized assistance you can be sure to see the most important and finest sites within the entire area. Come and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!

Place to stay in Hurghada