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In Egypt You can find everything you are looking for.

For centuries Egypt has captured the imagination and souls of travelers from around the world. It is not difficult to understand why holding one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, the Great Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza. Cairo can be described as a city of contrasts where mud-brick villages stand beside Pharaonic ruins that are surrounded by buildings of modern architecture. Donkey drawn carts merge with city traffic blending the old and the new which is Cairo of today but at the same time ancient history and beauty come together.

From tradition to modernity, Egypt is a country which has succeeded in creating a present that is as fascinating as its past. Since the end of the nineteenth century, Egypt has been evolving at a very high speed. Its political, economical and cultural life has undergone striking changes. From the inscription of the first hieroglyph to the construction of the new hi-tech Smart Village, Egypt has always been a pioneer on the frontier for emerging information technologies in the Arab world.

As well as virtual highways, Egypt's roads, railways and waterways form a 21,000 mile network from Alexandria to Aswan. They include the world famous Suez Canal and 1,000 miles of subsidiary canals branching between the Nile and the sea.

Further south along the Nile is the city of Aswan that developed as a result of the High Dam. Lake Nasser is on one side of the dam, which is home to Abu Simbel (the gigantic Temples of King Ramses II and Nefertari) while the Nile river on the other side provides life and agriculture to its settlers. It is a special city with a great vibe enhanced by the friendliness of the people as you explore the streets and the markets.

Some Egyptians' lives and lifestyles have remained very similar to that of their forefathers. A trip on board a felucca is a great way to come to appreciate their way of life. You can relax on board the felucca and watch the villages along the river banks pass by and hear the sounds of nature.