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About us

Travel Centuries ... Your Gateway For Centuries Of Civilizations

Travel Centuries is our trading name operated by our fully licensed travel agency New Omega Group that attains an official license No: 976 , stamped by The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.

Travel Centuries specialized in Egypt tailor made programs for clients from all over the world and providing them with all sorts of services, starting from the simplest to the most complicated requests that is which make us more experience with all traveler need to suite their budget and time during their holidays in Egypt . We offer both consumers and travel professionals an authoritative source of exciting and colorful experiences. Holiday tours, sightseeing, attractions, activities and best things to do in Egypt …to plan and book ahead.

Our motive all the time is the client satisfactory as we believe honestly that quality should come first so, we provide the best services they are looking for. The visitor with Travel Centuries feel at home, starting with a warm welcome at the airport, assistance throughout the holiday to the goodbye on the final departure.

We, like you, and believe that we travel to do things, find out about cultures, people, places and see what the world has to offer. Experiences is the Vision of our travel to broadens the mind, and raises the spirits at the same time. we were turning our simple vision into a concrete action plan by our experienced staff. We are working as one team joined by passion for experience-led travel, to provide you with the best service , sparing no effort to achieve your happiness by offering you a very personal look at Egypt , its history , its culture , and its people .  

Travel offers with Travel Centuries

In addition, we create excellent Programs! Now our guests with Travel Centuries are able to design their own programs which would be subject to their desires and satisfy their needs and limitation of their budget that is because we have a mission to empower the traveller through trusted travel information so our staff are high calibers and high qualified and they are experts and professionals in travel business.

Travel Centuries offer diversity of tourist products as Classical tours, and Culture tours which cover all the ancient and historical monuments, Tours on Mediterranean and Red Sea, Religion tours to to Coptic and Islamic places, Sports and Activities such as (surfing, diving, snorkeling, golf and yacht), Quick trip & Shore excursions, Fantastic Nile Cruises, Night tours in Cairo like dinner cruise in the Nile and sound & light show, Private transferes and others. So, If you have a special request be sure that our tour operators is able to convert the impossible to be possible for the interests of our guests.

Travel Centuries has deals with most of operational bases around Egypt. This ensures that we can provide high quality trips of exceptional value with no hidden extras. Our trips are all inclusive, so there is little need to pay for anything once your trip commences until it ends.   

Travel Centuries uses E- Tourism to minimize the costs of the tourist services which is consider a great privilege poured in favour of our customers because he would save money in case buying any travel service through a mediator.

Our style of Travel

Journeys as individual as you are …

While we offer an extensive range of travel programes, we recognise that they may not suit your personal requirements. We regularly custom-tailor holidays for families, friends, charities, schools and special-interest groups. Our staff will work with you, using their expertise and experience to help make your ultimate adventure a reality.

Experience - at the heart of all our Programs ...

The travel holiday is about experience so we aim to capture the essence of this experience on our  travel holidays. Our tours are about discovery, visiting old sites and spectacular landscapes, personal achievement & camaraderie. They will challenge, inspire and flirt with all your senses.

Guides with extensive local knowledge …

You get the best of both worlds on Travel Centuries. We have worked with elite guides, recognised authorities in their field, they are knowledgeable Egyptologist guides who have academic qualifications to make your tour to Egypt extra special. Their passion and expertise has ensured that we are continually updating and refining our programmes, taking the trip to new heights. Of equal importance are our tour leaders who ensure that someone with a comprehensive understanding of regional conditions and culture leads your trip. Also the  customer feedback, this is to ensures employees with unparalleled enthusiasm and experience.

Travel holidays for all ages and fitness levels …

Travel Centuries has a wide range of tours, trips and travel holidays to suit nearly everyone. Our trips are clearly graded to ensure you can match your fitness level to an appropriate trip. For some, we may arrange travel holidays that feature carefully planned itineraries that offer less physical activity during the day, more dedicated cultural excursions and comfortable accommodations at night.

Why Book with Travel Centuries?

- Private tours, tailor made your vacation with a private transportation and a private tour.
- Flexibility, change anything on your itinerary to met all your needs.
- Rapid response to all your requests.
- Best prices guarantee.
- Save money and time.
- You will find all the services you need with us
- Guarantee a high quality of service.
- Reliability to deliver what we promise each and everytime.
- Experienced in tourism field.

For all these reasons Travel Centuries users are in the mindset to buy, as nearly 90% of our visitors are planning a trip and when they visit , they find out  that we offer them the best value for their money.

Thank you for visiting our site! We have loved to share with you our story and how we’ve worked over the years to be your travel agent and we are looking forward to meeting you soon to explore Egypt with Travel Centuries .